Thursday, December 28, 2006

My new website is online!

I've been working really hard for the last 3 weeks designing and building a new website and I finally have it ready! It has many photos and, in particular, I have new photos from my Japan/Thailand trip. Please take a look:

Comments welcome!

I recently returned from an excellent 2-month trip! I spent 2 weeks visiting with lots of friends in Tokyo, then flew to Bangkok for a month of travel. I didn't have any itinerary or reservations anywhere so I just played it by ear. I went to Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Kanchanaburi, Erawan National Park, Chiang-Mai, Tha Ton near the Myanmar (Burma) border, plus went on a 3-day trek staying at different villages each night and also did some whitewater rafting. The trek was a lot of fun! I was fortunate to get in with a really great bunch of people from various countries (France, Netherlands, England, Germany, Thailand) and that is always so important!

After Thailand I went back to Tokyo for 2 more weeks. I was able to meet more of my friends and we would usually get together and go to an izakaya (Japanese pub) in the evening for lots of good talk, beer, sake, and shochu (Japanese vodka). :-) I also had a chance to go to an onsen (Japanese hot springs public bath) several times. I have been to onsen many times over the years and I like them. They are really a Japanese obsession! I was fortunate that Japanese friends invited me to join them to go.

I was fortunate to meet some really cool people in Thailand. Thanks to all of you for making my travels better!

Carlijn (Netherlands)
Bas (Netherlands)
Sylvain (France)
Christina (France, Spain)
Tim (England)
Olly (England)
Pete (England)
Heino (Germany) & Phun (Thailand)
Good & Woot (Thailand)
Allen (U.S.A.)
Elena & Michelle (Italy)
Patricia (Singapore)
Brent & Dennis (Canada)
Brunella (Italy)
Diny & Mielu (Netherlands)
Bernd (Switzerland)

Of course, I am so grateful that I was able to meet many old friends in Tokyo and have such a good time! I'm looking forward to meeting you again soon!



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