Friday, December 15, 2006


I mentioned Ecuador in my previous post so I thought I might just as well post a photo from that trip. The trip in Ecuador last year was so cool! I went to Quito, Tena, the Amazon rainforest, BaƱos, San Pablo, climbing up to 5000m/16,250ft on Mt. Chimborazo (volcano), Riobamba, rode on the roof of the Devil's Nose train, Puerto Lopez, and Otavalo. In this case I joined up with a group in Quito and we travelled together for 3 weeks. I was so fortunate to have such wonderful, funny, interesting people to travel with. We had people from Ecuador, Australia, Scotland, Germany, England, Canada, and the U.S. and had a roaring good time! The days staying in a village in the Amazon rainforest really stand out!

Here's a photo of a weathered old man I met on the street in Otavalo. The strong sun, wind, and age have sculpted his face into beautiful leather. We should all be so lucky to end up with such an interesting visage someday!

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