Saturday, March 3, 2007

Antelope Slot Canyon

I'm in Page, Arizona now and yesterday I hired a Navajo guide to go out to the Upper Antelope Slot Canyon on Navajo land a few miles outside of Page. Spectacular! The guide was a wonderful fellow and very friendly. He took his time and allowed me time to set up my tripod and prepare my shots before moving on. I think if I was there alone I might even feel something somewhat spiritual since it is that sort of place, but as it was I was too busy trying to get my tripod set up, getting the shot framed, focusing, exposing, checking the rear LCD and histogram, etc.. :-) Here are a couple of shots from yesterday.

Later in the day I drove a few miles out of Page to the Horseshoe Bend. It is only about 3-4 miles outside Page and I easily found the turnoff. There was a gravel parking lot and then a short hike of 3/4 mile uphill and then downhill to the cliff overlook. I was surrounded by a red rock landscape of strange rock formations and red sand and then the sheer dropoff to the river below. For this photo I was standing right at the edge looking down to the river far below. The wind was very strong on the mesa and it took a bit of guts to get right up to the edge. :-) Here is a photo.