Thursday, May 31, 2007

Living on Hawaii Time

I arrived in Hawaii a couple of months ago and expect to be here until about October. I'm renting a condo in Waikiki and just hanging out, going to the beach everyday, swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, and meeting cool people. It seems like it is just fine to take things slow here and be in no hurry. Me too! :-) I'm thinking about taking a Thai language course this summer and may also try to take some other classes too. I should decide today and get registered. Yeah, skip the pool and jacuzzi this morning and go register, that's what I should do. :-)

This is a photo of a beautiful Hawaiian beach babe at Sandy Beach. :-) Boy, you go to the beach the Hawaiians are just amazing! They get out in the pounding surf to body surf and boogie board when most people would just stay on the beach. It is clear they have been doing this since they were just little children.