Wednesday, December 13, 2006


First, just a short introduction. My name is Henry Richardson and I have loved photography and travel since I was a child. These days I do as much of both as I can! In the last few months three different people have suggested to me that I start a blog to display photos and to tell of my travels so, finally, I decided to try it out. I will do my best to keep it updated!

Friends, family, and people I meet around the world are welcome to check in from time to time. I really appreciate feedback, notes, or pretty much any kind of communication with all of you so don't feel shy! :-)

By the way, from time to time I may post a bit in Japanese too. I have lived in Japan on 3 wonderful occasions for a total of about 5 years and I have many Japanese friends. I have a strong affection for Japan and the Japanese people. I hope some of my Japanese friends will drop in from time to time. Most of you will be able to see the Japanese characters unless you don't have the Japanese font loaded and in that case you will probably just see some garbage characters where the Japanese characters should appear.


So, here we go.....

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