Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grrrrr! Broken card reader...

Yesterday afternoon (seems like today since it is only 3:20 AM here) I had my Sony A700 DSLR out taking photos along the Waikiki and Kuhio beaches and I think I got some good shots. Got home and my card reader won't work. :-( It is one of those card readers that can handle just about any type of memory card known to man and all the slots are okay except the one I need. My A700 has slots for a compact flash (CF) card (typical for a DSLR) and a memory stick pro duo (MS) card. I usually use CF cards, but a few days ago I bought a 4gb MS Pro Duo card to stick in the extra slot. Well, yesterday I was saving the photos on the MS card. The card reader is fine with my CF cards and SD cards and a couple of days ago it was fine with MS cards too. Not now though. Only the MS card slot is messed up. I got it in some good light and I see that deep down inside there is a bent wire contact and I can't fix it. Oh well, I will have to go out and buy a new card reader just because of the one broken slot. The worst part though is that I want to see my photos on the card! :-)

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