Saturday, February 4, 2012

Frozen waterfall in Japan

A couple of days ago we went to the frozen 白猪の滝 (Shirai no taki) waterfall in Ehime-ken and it was magnificent!  It is a big, cascading waterfall that has frozen in the current cold weather.  I have only seen photos of frozen waterfalls before so this was my first time to see one.  Very cool!  Here is one photo to give some scale.  All that white you see is ice!
Here is a photo from the base (near where the people in the photo above are standing) of the main part of the waterfall...I mean, icefall.
This guy was there for a long time with the front leg of his tripod submerged in the water and it had already frozen all around it.  He was there when I arrived at the falls after a bit of a hike on an icy trail and and he was still there an hour later when I left.

It snowed yesterday so probably the mountain with the waterfall has snow on it now.

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