Friday, September 18, 2009

Paris photo

I just noticed that the owner of a famous photography website has posted a photo remarkably like my 2001 B&W photo. I used a 20mm lens though to give it a more dramatic perspective and he used a 28mm lens. Also, I waited until a boat came along to fill in some of the empty space of the river. Here is the link to his new photo and below is my 2001 photo.

Personally, I like mine a lot more. :-) I have posted my photo (in B&W and color) on several photo forums over the years and it also was published in Popular Photography magazine years ago. By the way, he calls it a "cliche", but until I saw his today I had never seen another photo like mine before. :-)

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GregPQ said...

If the photographer is a French speaker, he may simply mean "snapshot". Cliché meaning both "snapshot" and "cliché."