Saturday, November 3, 2012

B&W People

I have created another B&W photo album of people photos and this one is named B&W People. If you feel like taking a look then you can see it here:

The photos are from various places: Italy, Greece, Thailand, Austria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan, Cambodia, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Laos, Ecuador, Kenya, Malawi, France, England, Morocco, Netherlands, Germany, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the U.S.A. (Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, California). Hope I didn't forget any. lol


Phil Page said...

A wonderful folder full of fantastic shots - too many favourites to mention but the street scene with the guy walking with hit double bass is fantastic.

Great work!

Henry Richardson said...

Thanks for the very kind words, Phil. I am sorry to be so late to reply. I was traveling in Nepal for a month and then the holidays. Best wishes for 2013!