Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glad I didn't make photography a career

The only time I ever gave photography as a career much thought was when I was in high school in 1975. Within a short time while still in high school though I decided I would keep photography as a hobby since I didn't want to spoil the fun by turning it into a job, I wasn't so interested in dealing with the business side of things, the money didn't look so hot, etc. All I can say is that over the years I more and more realized how smart a kid I was back then. emoticon - smile I am thrilled I kept it as a much loved avocation. For work I decided on something that I enjoyed tremendously, exercised my brain, that opened up many interesting opportunities, and that was much more financially rewarding. That has given me much more freedom to enjoy photography and travel (my other love).

Me with Lani people in West Papua New Guinea in 1995

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